Ultimate enjoyment

Do you love the aroma of a perfectly prepared coffee? Miele offers a wide range of exceptional coffee machines. For every coffee connoisseur the perfect one: for the hobby barista, the milk froth fan or the lover of exclusive Nespresso varieties. Now you can enjoy your favourite beverage not only in a café, but also at home.


Wide range of appliances

At Miele, you have the choice between different designs and machine sizes. You are sure to find the perfect coffee machine for your home – all built to Miele's legendary quality standards. The built-in coffee machine with grinder system fits perfectly into a 45 cm high niche in a tall unit. In combination with other Miele built-in appliances – vertically or horizontally – it creates a uniform appearance. The built-in coffee machine with Nespresso system is ideal for 35 cm high niches in a tall unit, wall unit or a top box. It can be installed in combination with a 35 cm high steam oven and microwave oven.

Water tank or freshwater connection

Depending on on-site conditions and user requirements, coffee bean machines are available with freshwater connection or an on-board water tank. As a plumbed-in model, the coffee machine is always ready for use at a moment's notice. It is directly connected to the freshwater supply net, therefore filling a water container is no longer necessary. Another benefit: your coffee is always prepared with fresh water from the tap.


Coffee preparation systems

Coffee bean machines
Do you like to choose your personal favourite amongst all types of coffee beans available on the market and enjoy the aroma of freshly ground beans? Then this is the system for you. You can adjust all machine settings to suit your beans
and your taste.

Coffee machine based on Nespresso system
Do you prefer the Nespresso capsule system with a convenient choice of 16 fresh coffee specialities. Do you like the idea of an uncomplicated first-class coffee machine which does the thinking for you and makes cleaning conveniently easy? Miele's Nespresso coffee machine with outstanding technology meets all these requirements: it is, for example, the only one with an integrated capsule carousel holding up to 20 capsules.

Coffee specialities

espresso excels with its intensive flavour and perfect crema.

coffee stands for pure enjoyment, made with water and freshly ground coffee.

cappuccino is a perfect combination of espresso and creamy hot milk.

latte macchiato is a composition of strong espresso, hot milk and milk froth.