Microwave Ovens

The attractive design of Miele microwave ovens combines perfectly with all other built-in Miele appliances, with the smooth exterior blending harmoniously into every kitchen design. You can choose from a wide selection of colours to complement the surrounding kitchen area, while a range of models and extensive accessories cater to all requirements.
Simple, intuitive operation: the desired cooking time and power level can be quickly and precisely selected using the rotary selector dial. Alternatively, let the electronics do the hard work: after selecting the relevant automatic programme, simply enter the weight of the food you want to cook.
Full power at your fingertips: the QuickStart feature allows quick access to the microwave’s highest settings and allows you to heat up drinks and meals in a very short time. You can chose from three customisable time settings and the appliance will turn itself off automatically when the programme is finished.


Miele microwave ovens come in a variety of designs. Built-in microwave ovens are fitted permanently in a cabinet niche, with the air ventilation system constructed in such a way as to avoid unsightly ventilation slots in the front of the appliance.
If a cabinet niche is not available for a built-in microwave oven, a freestanding version offers the perfect solution, as this can be placed on a work top.

Operating Modes

Grilling, cooking, reheating, and defrosting: Miele microwave ovens offer a great range of possibilities for everyday food preparation.
Modes of Operation

Variety of Sizes

Whether you want a microwave to complement a new kitchen design or are simply looking to replace an appliance, Miele’s range of built-in and freestanding microwave ovens are available in a variety of sizes that can be easily integrated into every kitchen.
Variety of Sizes

"Features depend on model"