Dishwasher Technology

The job of our commercial dishwashers is clear: dishes, cutlery and glasses must be cleaned gently and also optically and extremely hygienically, with the lowest possible expenditure in terms of costs, time and personnel.
The range of applications is broad: from private kitchens of semi-professional hobby chefs, kitchens in office blocks, educational institutions and restaurants to commercial kitchens in hotels. Miele achieves the highest levels of performance, efficiency and satisfaction with sophisticated technology, excellent workmanship and personal service.

Commercial Freshwater systems

The most important feature of the Miele freshwater system is the complete change of water between the different stages of the wash programme.  This ensures a consistent level of cleaning and very high standards of hygiene throughout the process. A compact Miele commercial dishwasher offers a number of advantages to both small and large catering establishments, ensuring Crockery, cutlery and glasses are all cleaned to visual and hygienic perfection.  Washing on two levels simultaneously the Miele Freshwater models cater for maximum throughput in a single load.


PG 8059 dishwasher

The PG 8059 dishwasher offers a short programme cycle of 5 minutes and two rack levels for maximal capacity. It is possible to use the plastic baskets together with optional stainless steel supports. High standards of hygiene are guaranteed with a final rinse temperature of 85°.

Highly economical

Miele's well know quality guarantees legendary longevity.  The low consumption levels lead to extremely low daily running costs.  Economy is also achieved by extending the life of your crockery, cutlery, and glassware thanks to our unique washing action and 4-stage filter system.