Miele dishwashers do not just clean dishes excellently – they also ensure that the environment is treated with just as much care as high-quality porcelain. Whether a freestanding or undercounter model, whether fully- or semi-integrated, with a width of 45 or 60cm, there is a Miele dishwasher to suit every kitchen. With a unique 3D cutlery tray, the possibility to update and water consumption from as little as 7 litres using the automatic programme, all models produce excellent results.


Four power LEDs immerse the inside of the dishwasher in brilliant light. The dishwasher cabinet is perfectly illuminated, significantly improving loading and unloading.


Freestanding dishwasher
Freestanding, self-contained units with hard-wearing worktop lid.

Undercounter dishwasher
Ideal as a replacement unit in an existing kitchen. Front and plinth available in Brilliant White and Black.

Integrated dishwasher
Appliance fronts and facias are designed to take panels to match kitchen furniture or a Miele door made from CleanSteel stainless steel.

Fully integrated dishwasher
The entire front of the appliance is concealed behind cabinetry panelling or a Miele door made from CleanSteel stainless steel.



Miele’s 'ExtraQuiet' programme generates sound emissions of only 38dB. Ideal for open-plan kitchens and when the dishwasher is run overnight.

3D Cutlery Tray

Miele's unique 3D cutlery tray adds a new dimension to loading and utilising dishwashers: The cutlery tray can be adjusted in all three directions (width, depth and height) and adapts perfectly to different load situations. Even lager items of cutlery and utensils can be accommodated.
3D cutlery tray