Laboratory, Medical and Dental Technology

Our System4Med covers all aspects of modern instrument reprocessing in hospitals and doctor’s surgeries and is based on decades of experience. System4Med brings together machines, accessories and documentation – all from one single supplier. Leading medical instrument manufacturers recommend reprocessing with Miele. Machines designed to clean instruments in research and investigation laboratories complete and round of our range.

All machines are used for the most basic applications in day-to-day work, which makes their performance a vital part of safe processes for staff and patients. For this reason, they must prove that the trust placed in them is 100% justified every single day.

Cleaning / Disinfection

Innovative washer-disinfectors with customisable features offer versatile and comprehensive solutions for the machine-based reprocessing and thermal disinfection of surgical instruments and accessories. A wide range of inserts, specially designed programmes and efficient water pre-treatment ensure the thorough, effective and material-friendly cleaning of both internal and external instrument surfaces, catering for a wide range of applications in doctor’s surgeries, outpatient surgeries, hospitals and CSSD units.
Cleaning / Disinfecting


The PS 1201B benchtop steam steriliser offers innovative technology ensuring topclass performance combined with exceptional levels of safety and economic operation.

The special feature of the PS 1201 B EXCELLENCE steriliser is the PerfectTouch display, a control panel with a high-grade, chemically-resistant glass surface for easy operation and incredibly simple machine care. 

In just 23 minutes, the machines are capable of sterilising wrapped instruments in a complete Class B cycle at 134°C. Unwrapped instruments or handpieces and contra-angles can be even be processed in a mere 13 minutes. The steriliser does not only impress with a high capacity, but also with a high throughput with a 20 l chamber volum. It offers excellent drying capabilities through a powerful vacuum drying technology and a fully heated chamber. The drying process is fast and residue-free of sterile goods. Another feature of the new benchtop steriliser is an integrated water treatment due to a plumbed-in unit with WaterProof system (WPS) and an integrated reverse osmosis enabling a fully automatic generation of demineralized water.


Features and Benefits of PG 85 Series Lab Machines

Miele offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to the safe and thorough reprocessing of a wide range of Laboratory Glassware. At the heart of the new PG 85 lab washers is an innovative water circulation system which combines higher capacity with the reduced use of resources. A variable-speed circulation pump regulates water pressure in line with the needs of individual programme phases. Furthermore, the pump heats up the water in circulation fast, thereby contributing towards shorter cycles. Any valves not used by docked baskets are sealed automatically in order to avoid any unnecessary drop in pressure in the remaining system and in order to reduce water consumption. Automatic spray arm monitoring and spray pressure monitoring guarantees proper reprocessing and issues an early warning if readings are out-of-range.
When it comes to drying instruments, the machines combine efficiency with user convenience. After the last rinse cycle, steam is drawn into the steam condenser at the rear of the unit where it condenses back to water. A highly efficient HEPA Class H13 particulate filter prevents air-borne particles from the ambient room air from entering the drying system and contaminating the instruments.
On all models, the door is automatically drawn closed by the AutoClose function. Additional convenience and excellent ergonomics is offered by the salt container which has now been relocated from inside the chamber to the door. 


Features and Benefits of PG 85 series

Further Highlights

  • Detergents
    Miele offers a full range of EcoLab detergents for your Miele cleaning and disinfection machines. Whether you need detergents for your Hospital, Laboratory, or Dental disinfectors, these are available directly from Miele ensuring you are providing the best possible results every time from a single solution provider.
  • Preventative Maintenace Agreements
    Miele Service provides a comprehensive range of Preventative Maintenance Agreements suitable to your needs to ensure that your Miele offers you many years of trouble free operation.
  • Documentation
    The documentation of instrument repossessing makes the constant monitoring and final assessment of the treatment process safe. This is undoubtedly an advantage in terms of quality assurance for patients and health-care staff, and, not least careful documentation of reprocessing creates legal security and peace of mind. Miele Professional is now, for the first time, offering a complete and holistic approach to process documentation. The heart and soul of the system is the Segosoft Miele Edition. Miele machines and their software are an ideal match and interact perfectly - depending on the requirements of clients and on-premises conditions.