Laundry Technology

With Miele Professional laundry machines, we set clear standards for gentle and economical laundry care.
Washer-extractors play an exceedingly important role in the laundry process and set the scene for subsequent stages, including drying, ironing and finishing. With load capacities of our machines ranging from 5.5 kg and 32 kg of laundry, Miele has the right machine for all users from small laundries in hotels and restaurants and large full-service on-premise laundries in hospitals and care centres to batch washers in commerical laundries. From Miele's wide range of laundry machines, the washer-extractor provides the ideal basis, where laundry care should begin.
Our tumble dryers can cater for between 6.5 and 40 kg of laundry, while our rotary ironers can handle as much as 99 kg of washing.
Our laundry machines stand for innovative product features, a responsible approach to natural resources, ergonomic processes and the dependability which comes from a strong brand.

A System that Protects Laundry

When a large amount of laundry is constantly in use, the lifespan of individual items becomes an economic factor. This is why all of our laundry machines are designed to function perfectly and treat laundry gently. The patented honeycomb drum in the washer-extractor ensures that textiles keep their shape and last longer. The same applies to the tumble dryers. SoftLift ribs inside the drum moves laundry particularly gently. The hardened, incredibly smooth surface of our rotary ironers provides the perfect finishing touch.
Textiles keep their shape

A Noticeable Increase in Performance

Of course perfect results count, but technical features and adjustable programme cycles of laundry machines are just as important – these save not only money, but also time. Our washer-extractors and tumble dyers, for example, feature high-performance heater elements for short wash cycles. The same applies to the high spin speeds of our machines: high spin speeds achieve low residual moisture levels and speed up the drying process. The high-performance troughs on Miele's rotary ironers offer rapid heat-up and an extremely high contact angle of 167°, thereby increasing performance and throughput.
Operational procedure

Cost-cutting, Environmentally Friendly Efficiency

Anything that ensures the economic use of all resources is good for the environment – for example, the use of the most efficient heating system: electricity, gas or steam. Here at Miele, we go one step further: choosing environmentally friendly innovative technology such as recycling warm dryer air and a robust desgin using high-quality, recyclable material for our appliances.