MasterCool boasts all the outstanding features that define our refrigeration appliances and a little bit more: more space, more freshness and more enjoyment. Size, design and high-quality materials make this range extra special.
Cooling and freezing with MasterCool demonstrates a commitment to high quality and an individual lifestyle, whether you opt for a single appliance, two appliances side-by-side or a fridge freezer combination.

User convenience

A sophisticated interior design, featuring a huge variety of adjustable shelves, trays and clever details such as fully extendable drawers, make using this high-volume appliance simple and comfortable. The smooth surfaces and materials used in the interior make cleaning easy and guarantee the highest possible standards of hygiene.
Comfortable to Operate

BrilliantLight Lighting Concept

Halogen lighting ensures that the interior of MasterCool appliances is filled with light. The smooth, white interior walls complement this glare-free lighting concept.
BrilliantLight Lighting Concept

Ice and Chilled Water Dispenser

Cool – ice and cold water at the touch of a button. MasterCool freezers with ice water dispensers invigorate and are refreshingly appealing.
Ice Water Dispenser

  • Efficient and sustainable
    Energy saving is Miele's business. Energy efficiency rating A+ is standard at Miele.
  • Design and convenience
    Fully extendable, gliding drawers in addition to the VarioBoard Plus system – individually adjustable and easy-to-remove shelves.