Linear, symmetrical designs and harmonious proportions in combination with high-end materials convey an unmistakable impression of appeal and quality. At the same time, these features simplify the operation of appliances, as individual controls and functions can be recognised using intuition alone. Miele's fleet design offers users a wide range of combination options of Miele ovens with other Miele appliances. These combinations will always be individual and harmonious in terms of both aesthetics and operation.

The 90 cm Oven

There are many reasons why you might choose to have an extra-wide oven: it might be a question of culture or family tradition; perhaps you are a semi-professional chef; or maybe you simply appreciate more space to enjoy cooking. An oven to fit in a 90 cm-wide space becomes the functional and most striking centre of the kitchen.
The 90cm Oven

Combi Ovens

With a width of 60 cm and a height of 45 cm, this multifunctional oven (with microwave function) can be fitted almost anywhere. A range of sophisticated and functional extras make using the oven an enjoyable experience and maintaining the appliance is easy. They offer both, outstanding safety and value for money.
Compact Ovens

Moisture Plus

Perfect results are possible when preparing bread, fish, meat or cakes thanks to a combination of hot air and moisture.
Moisture Plus - Animation

"Features depend on model"