Steam Ovens

Steam-cooking technology is not a new concept. Foods preserve their nutrients and natural flavours better if they do not come into direct contact with boiling water during the cooking process. Whether you have lots of food or just a small amount, whether your vegetables are fresh or frozen, Miele technology makes quantity-independent cooking possible. With steam cooking, the quality of prepared food is maintained to a very high degree – and this ties in perfectly with Miele’s philosophy of enjoyment.

Integrated and Freestanding

Miele steam ovens can be integrated into a fitted kitchen or placed anywhere as freestanding appliances, thus fitting harmoniously into every kitchen.
Integrated and Freestanding

Plumbed-in or Water Tank

In general, a steam oven’s water supply comes from a separate water container, which can be removed from the front and refilled. The new generation of steam ovens with a XL cooking cabinet can alternatively be connected to a mains water supply, while pressure cookers only operate using fresh water from a mains water supply.
Connection to Mains Water Supply or a Water Container

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