05.07.2010 | Design


Over six chapters, current trends such as globalisation, changing methods of communication, the transformation of social structures and sustainable resource management are examined. Individual topics are not, however, considered in isolation; instead, several development trends and their different aspects are looked at in the context of space or time. To this end, each chapter is split into three different sections: Time, Space and Life.

Experts offer their views by commenting on society, developments and values. Exemplary architecture is presented, with the international diversity of the projects not only making clear the global relevance of the aforementioned changes, but also accentuating regional differences.

In the Life section, Miele proposes solutions to the particular issue raised in the chapter and demonstrates how every product solution is the result of a development process. The aim of this process is always one of providing comprehensive answers that can be used as the basis for an appliance’s technology and design.