Expeditions with Miele

Made for rough terrain – and with the highest standards. Even on barren terrain, the two extreme off-roaders with exquisite interiors leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and quality. They have just been delivered to two Mongolian businessmen in Ulan Bator who might want to use them, for example, if they embark on a hunting trip in the Altai Mountains for several days.

The vehicles were developed and constructed in the Daimler factory in Wörth. Chassis specialist Hartmann in Alsfeld was responsible for the modified bodywork, the Hünerkopf company in Neukirchen for the interior design. The powertrain and chassis are based on the Actros and Axor series. The all-wheel-drive three-axle vehicles weigh in at 25 tonnes and offer a 16 tonne payload. Under the bonnet, a 7.2-litre in-line six-cylinder engine is capable of producing 326 hp and a maximum torque of 1,300 Nm. Diesel tanks with 300- and 200-litre capacities ensure sufficient off-road range.

Due to extreme temperature fluctuations in the desert, the passenger area has been thoroughly insulated. All interior fittings are designed to withstand extreme driving conditions, while the furnishings are suitable for use in tropical or desert regions. The interior is divided into separate areas, with the sleeping berth located in the rear, and a leather seating group for four to six people at the front. There is also a luxurious bathroom with marble floors and underfloor heating as well as a kitchen equipped with Miele appliances.

The new owners have fulfilled a dream with this unusual vehicle – or to put it better, two dreams: they have acquired both the comfort and quality of first-class technology and the possibility to take it with them anywhere in the world.