Miele Gallery now also in Berlin

The first Miele Gallery in Germany was opened at the beginning of July 2011and allows visitors to experience the fascination of the Miele brand first hand. The Gallery is situated in the 'Kaiserhöfe' on the 'Unter den Linden' noble boulevard at the heart of Berlin – a perfect setting.

This building ensemble originally consisted of two buildings. Unter den Linden No. 26 – where the Miele Gallery is housed – was constructed between 1910 and 1914 by Berlin architects Bielenberg & Moser as a bank house with tellers, counters and offices in the late Wilhelminian style. The entire building ensemble was refurbished between 2005 and 2008 by architecture firm Rüthnick Architekten Ingenieure in a planning cooperation with Kampmann + Partner. New to this complex is retail trade on the ground floor and the concurrent opening of the courtyards with a passage joining the 'Unter den Linden' boulevard with Mittelstraße.

In the new Miele Gallery, 170 Miele appliances are presented on 650 m² of floorspace. Its interior design does justice to the location and the Miele brand. The parquet floor made from solid oak symbolises the durability and history of Miele appliances – after all, Miele's first appliances were also made from oak. The Venetian calcareous marble on the Gallery's walls underline the historic ambience of this place and creates a warm elegance.

The spacious and impressive presentation beautifully illustrates the diversity and quality of the Miele product portfolio. Additionally, newly developed media applications (e.g. a machine configuration) inform visitors of the brand in an entertaining way. The concept also includes an event area with active hands-on kitchens and rooms for conventions. An excellent opportunity for property developers, investors and architects to be inspired by Miele and to find the perfect appliances. The showroom also features an inviting Miele Café for resting, interacting and pleasure. Staging cooking events, wine tastings, fashion shows, product launches and other entertaining and informative events provides a special setting to experience Miele.

Miele's presence in the heart of Berlin subscribes clearly to Miele's exclusive concept, with more than 50 top-notch showrooms in cities such as Barcelona, London, New York, Milan, Moscow, Paris and Shanghai. The presentation of the brand and its products is characterised throughout by emotional appeal, refined elegance, local flair and a sense of being where things are happening.

Unter den Linden 26
10117 Berlin
Tel. ++ 49 (0) 30 - 8 87 11 51-0
Email: gallery-berlin@miele.de

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10.00 - 20.00 h
Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 h

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