Miele's corporate philosophy in terms of dishwashing: wash performance, drying efficiency and hygiene

Focusing on the subject of dishwashers and hygiene, it becomes apparent that 'less is more' not always applies. Here, more know-how is of the essence which Miele proves impressively.

Miele has the highest of standards with respect to cleaning, the sparing use of resources and appliance hygiene. This is also reflected in the materials used. Miele, for instance, manufactures its inner cabinets for dishwashers solely from high-grade stainless steel. To shape and sculpture the cabinet, which is welded together from stainless-steel sheet-metal panels, Miele uses a special and patented expansion method called hydroforming. This results in a particularly smooth, cove-cornered cabinet. Furthermore, Miele always uses three
full-size spray arms in its dishwashers (top, centre and bottom). These are instrumental not only in uniformly distributing the water in circulation and spraying it onto crockery for a thorough wash but also in effectively cleaning the cabinet at the same time.

In keeping with Miele's corporate philosophy, wash performance, drying efficiency and hygiene must be at the top of Miele's dishwashing agenda. Hence, Miele dishwashers take in fresh water at each stage of a programme cycle. In order to meet individual hygiene requirements in different situations, Miele offers various programmes and temperatures. The WfK testing institute in Krefeld, Germany, recommends the Miele Hygiene programme for the "(...) hygienic cleaning of, for instance, baby bottles, cutting boards and other hygienically demanding items (...)".