Living Architecture – Holiday in architects' houses

In the past, those who wanted to spend their holiday in a holiday home in Great Britain only had the option of cosy-traditional cottages in typical country house style. Alain de Botton from Sweden, who moved to London a long time ago, would like to change this. For this reason he launched the 'Living Architecture' project.

He convinced international renowned architects, amongst them Peter Zumthor and the Dutch MVRDV architect office, to design six noble holiday homes. With 'Living Architecture', he wants to offer people the opportunity to live in houses of outstanding contemporary architecture. Those spending some time in one of these houses develop a sense and feeling of how architecture works.

To date, four of the houses have been built; one of them is the daring 'Balancing Barn'. A building, extravagantly cladded in silver tiles, which dramatically cantilevers over a slope into the landscape. The entire front half of the 30 m long building is literally hanging in mid-air - a unique experience for the (temporary) occupants: the part of the steel structure that appears to be levitating the houses living area oscillates slightly when people move around in the room.
Just as the houses already built, the two remaining buildings will also be equipped entirely with Miele appliances. This ensures that the high standard set for the design of the houses is continuous throughout the building's interior.