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Smart Grid: Best communication without words.

Smart Grid summarises, saves, distributes and communicates. The intelligent Smart Grid enables electricity production and consumption to be aligned, optimised and harmonised.
As early as at the IFA 2010, Miele presented the world's first household appliances able to recognise when electricity is at its cheapest and then start programmes automatically. These appliances are now on the market and an increasing number of electricity suppliers are offering appropriate staggered tariffs. At the same time, politicians are promoting the installation of so-called Smart Meters, able to process this data and bill consumers accordingly.

Smart, networked appliances operate on the principle of supply and demand: the more electricity available in the national grid, for instance from a higher solar or wind power yield, the lower the price. Alongside regional players, major contenders are also getting ready for the energy revolution, which is likely to gain momentum even faster since Germany voted for an early nuclear phaseout.

Since April 2011, the world's first SmartGrid-enabled domestic appliances have been available to consumers. Miele offers washing machine models, tumble dryers and dishwashers incorporating the new technology. Thanks to Smart Grid technology, Miele domestic machines automatically select the cheapest electricity tariff offered by electricity suppliers. And, whilst saving money, users can be assured of making a contribution towards the increased use of renewable energy.

These models must be fitted with an additional communication module to exchange data with the Miele gateway using existing power cables. Control functions such as "Start" and "Stop" and a calendar are saved to the gateway (a box in a compact format). To install, the user connects a personal computer to the Gateway. This enables him to access the Gateway's user interface and enter the electricity rates of the electricity supplier on the calendar. It is even easier if the electricity supplier provides the tariffs in a standard data sheet which can be recognised by the Gateway automatically.