Enjoying living in the future

Emotional, eventful, energy efficient and electronic (smart grid) living in the future: Miele also bases its efforts on these parameters and introduces an extraordinary and future-oriented project here.

Multi-functional, sustainable architecture, interactive environment, decentralised energy generation, accessibility and barrier-free living – these are all reasonable demands of today's consumers! "e-living in the future" is the solution that has been developed over recent years by the founder Dirk Fabarius, in cooperation with partners from the industry, and will continue to be developed further.  And Miele is part of it.

In 30 years time, Germany's population will have shrunk by 9%, will be older and originate from many different cultures. Vastly more people will be living in towns than in the countryside. Already today, 30% of households are single-person households and the number is constantly increasing. Furthermore, people move house more often than they did in the past. The modern nomads are just as temporarily on the move as they are temporarily settled. These developments determine and require considerable changes to the way we live.

Today's living environment must meet new requirements: it must be in accordance with the mobility of its occupants and must hold basic technological prerequisites ready to make life easier.

Project 4, the most current project of "e-living in the future", will cover the entire spectrum of living and working in the future. On a total of 2600 m² in an old factory building from 1910 in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, innovative architecture and technological solutions are being developed, realised and tested under 'live' conditions. There is plenty of space for the "e-wohnen2022" showroom, the e-office of the future and 32  e-apartments, and invite you to experience, enjoy and find out what real modern living is all about.